Studio / statement

I seek to create sublime beauty, albeit perfectly unattainable.

My work blurrs the lines of a painting toward object/sculpture. I'm drawn to luminous color, reflection and form. Over the past years I have consistently been using the qualities of water, both physical and metaphyscial, as a means to connect me to my work.

In my recent Mylar series, the reflective quality and pliability of Mylar is appealing because it provides me many avenues and new ways to explore color, space, transparency, reflection, and form than I had previously done. In nature, light creates color - in painting, color creates light. The reflective material intensifies color by bouncing it back to the viewer depending on how much light passes through it; doubling the effect and luminosity.

For me, the reflection creates an almost virtual space, vastly different from my previous series with a flat surface. And when coupled with resin, it appears similar to a holographic space. The illusion of 3 dimensional space is not clearly defined, instead it shifts as a myriad of volumes by viewing the painting from different angles. This "internal" space seemingly changes as you move around the works, showing irregular undulations, coupled by what is in front of it; fusing the structure with the external reality.

The edges have subtle movements away or sometimes toward the pictorial edge, facilitated by the flexibility of the substrate during the pouring process. This inclination to push out of the geometric square/edge can be seen in my Early and Color Field paintings having a bottom protruding sculpted edge.